Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Aiurart Contemporary Art Space 2 Loc pe harta

str. Lirei, nr. 21, sector 2
021 211 77 41 / 0723 259 544 /

Since opening to the public in May of 2012, Aiurart has been a venue for contemporary art exhibits, ranging from paintings and sculpture, to video art, installations, transversal art projects and transdisciplinary experimental productions. Aiurart is an open space for curatorial projects and a contemporary art gallery, being run with the support of a consulting board. 

Aiurart brings forth the joy of contemporary aesthetics and the intimacy of a pre-war mansion, exquisitely refurbished with the help of the architect Bogdan Pop and the ‘Asdesign 95’ team – a piece of restoration work nominated at the 2013 Bucharest Architecture Annual. Thus, Aiurart brings a telling contribution to the existing urban space restoration work whilst revitalising the surrounding area through its cultural programmes.

Equally, this is the place where creative and cultural industries (design, advertising, architecture, arts and crafts etc.) meet. Every object in the Aiurart art space is a product of Romanian contemporary design. At Aiurart you will find a welcoming courtyard being ‘invaded’ by the sculpting programme ‘en plein air’, curated by Ioana Ciocan, free wi-fi, a charming lounge, plenty of international art, architecture & design magazines and, of course, ever welcoming hosts.

Daniel Balanescu | I am the System. Please choose me... work in progress

19:00 - 04:00

Artist: Daniel Balanescu 

Curator: Dan Pleşa

Daniel Bălănescu is thoroughly preoccupied by everything social, by the relationship arising between patterns and the crowds’ social behaviour, by transitions and the social entropy, by constantly telling different stories designed to invoke the social being’s emotions – lonesomeness, fears, hopes – constantly using the same pattern in its collages/mixed media techniques on paper, canvas, wood or travelcards even.

"I am the System ... is about making people aware of their status and their value as being small wheels of a grand system. Over the last years, the majority of the people have either not voted or voted ‘for the least evil’. But a majority of people can change the system if they decide that that system no longer reflects their values and aspirations. If the system gets gravely in their way, they will get into the systems way decisively. The recent protests in Romania have proved. It is the ultimate form of democracy. 

Some works illustrate how changes occur. It is enough for one guy to start go backwards and he will produce a change around him, others will follow and the change will extend as waves do. It’s people walking along systems and those who will always walk against the flow. It’s about some disappearing on the way, that’s why I decided to use for some works a frail material as life is frail. And there are some invisible people in between, symbolically with blue eyes. In the end, it’s all about people and the game of life with its short victories on one side or the other. 

I’m the System, please choose me! The concept is that individuals are more important than systems; without them, systems cannot exist. Anyone can take part to the project by tagging himself to one or several images on tube tickets; the images can then be printed on his own T-shirt." Daniel Bălănescu

Denisa Florentina Curte - Perfect Future

19:00 - 04:00

Open air sculptures at Aiurart

Artist: Denisa Florentina Curte

Curator: Ioana Ciocan

Ripe cybernetic fruits, from a yet to be discovered planet, with well-established roles in its ecosystem, are celebrating through dialogue the 1st anniversary of the  Sculpture en plein air at Aiurart programme.