Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Anaid Art Gallery 5 Loc pe harta

str. Slobozia, nr. 34, sector 4

Anaid Art Gallery was established in 2004, and it is a portfolio private gallery designated for the contemporary art. The gallery aims are to promote Romanian contemporary art by developing partnerships and collaborations with international galleries, to encourage and to stimulate esthetical values, offering a welcoming space between the artist and the public.

The objectives of the gallery are: awareness of contemporary society to the artistic act & create a specialized public able to decode and assimilate the problem of contemporary aesthetics & coordinate activities of documentation and representation of Romanian contemporary art & create a dissemination framework of artistic information on/through media

Eveniment NAG

Shipwreck of the last hope

20:00 - 04:00

Artist: Bandi Saşa Robert

Curator: Diana Dochia

            „  Ring ring ring!!!

  • - - Hello, yes? Who is it?
  • - Good evening with Mister Bandi Saşa Robert I would like to speak .
  • - Yes. He is. With whom I have the pleasure?
  • - With who?! WITH WHO?! I am, the malignant tomorrow. I am the forest of abandonment with thousend of dogs. I am the death of thoughts. I am the mud floor. I am  the raven oblivion. I am their lie and the winter triumph. I am the devourer of the sun and the deep  yell. I am the gray man. I am the rotten nectar. I'm the eternal night. I am the yell from the pillow. I am  the most corrupt. I called to tell you. I’m  coming! I am the perdition and I am divine. I am, the malignant tomorrow! " 

Bandi Saşa Robert