Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

AnnArt Gallery 7 Loc pe harta

Str. Mahatma Gandhi nr. 1 | Bd. Kiseleff nr. 31
031 437 95 33 / 0752 042 042

AnnArt is a private gallery opened in May 2011, that promotes and sells established artists as well as fresh talents. It has a permanent exhibition schedule, offers advice and consultation programs for art lovers – amateurs or collectors. It publishes a series of critical catalogues about the portfolio artists’ work and annually awards a prize to young artists. Located in the Kiseleff/ Arcul de Triumf area, the gallery displays a contemporary conversion of a heritage space – on the first floor and the ground floor with garden of a building conceived in the ‘30s by the French architect Ernest Doneaud.

Florica Prevenda: Facelook

19:00 - 03:00

artist Florica Prevenda

curator Aurelia Mocanu 

Laura Covaci: Luna and the molecular structures of Luna

19:00 - 03:00

artist Laura Covaci

In May, AnnArt Gallery has its three-year anniversary! We mark this event with two solo shows: Florica Prevenda: Facelook and Laura Covaci: Luna and the molecular structures of Luna, the most recent series worked by the two contemporary artists. The assemblage-paintings signed by Prevenda certify the transgression of painting through the 3D quality of her works, given by overlapping layers of unconventional materials in the shape of human faces that convey meanings about the complex structure of contemporary communication and social networks. At AnnArt Parter, the visual stories about Luna created by Laura Covaci in new media, sit at the border between painting and digital art, presenting the relationship between human imagination and virtual reality, and, at a personal level, between the artist’s mythologies and the contemporary being’s condition.