Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

BB6 @ Combinatul Fondului Plastic 11 Loc pe harta

Str. Băiculești nr. 29, București
+4 021 310 5469

Combinatul Fondului Plastic (a factory for artist production in the communist period) was build between 1968-1972. Its main purpose was to serve as a production unit in all fields of the arts. Today it belongs to Artists’ Union (UAP) and serves mainly as an exhibition venue.

Apprehension. Understanding through fear of understanding

22:00 - 03:00

Curator of BB6 - Gergő Horváth 

Artists: Carlos Aires (ES), Matei Arnăutu (RO), Dan Beudean (RO), Adrian Dan (RO), Dromedar (NO), Arantxa Etcheverria (FR/RO), Filip Gilissen (BE), Bjørn Erik Haugen (NO), Jan Kaila (FI), Cezar Lăzărescu & 1+1 (RO), Raqs Media Collective (IN), Marilena Preda-Sânc (RO), Gabriel Stoian (RO), Stephanie Syjuco (USA/PH), János Sugár (HU), Alejandro Vidal (ES), Erwin Wurm (A), Mihai Zgondoiu (RO), Zoltán Béla (RO)

The exhibition will explore the double meaning of the word apprehension, the fear or anxiety that something bad might happen and in the sense of comprehension. The relation between the two needs a closer look. How fear is developed and maintained throughout our lives and how it can become a tool for learning and understanding. How it is administered and maintained socially, politically, how it affects the development of our ideology and how we can learn from it. The time is now to reassess and to raise some questions about certain aspects of everyday life that might have gone unnoticed. (Extras from the curatorial text by Gergő Horváth)