Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Galeria Galateca 17 Loc pe harta

str. C.A. Rosetti, nr. 2-4, sector 1, Bucuresti
0730 667 164

GALATECA is a project created by artists, designers, architects, curators and communication specialists set out to develop exhibitions of applied arts, new multimedia art, a gallery shop that is a total novelty for the market and multidisciplinary cultural experiences, where one could get in touch with contemporary art and amazing personalities. A developing project, Galateca Gallery set out to showcase national and international design projects and original contemporary art, aiming to create valuable exhibitions of applied and multimedia art.

Eveniment NAG


19:00 - 04:00

a project dreamed by:

(Radu Pop & Marilena Oprescu Singer)

and put to music by:Mitos Micleusanu

FEED ME! Feeding the Infertile Womb of Monstrous and Perpetually Insatiable Goddess TRA.

FEED ME! is a ludic experiment that explores the relation between the artwork and its public. With a selfironical approach, the project is calling the subjects of monstrous and perpetually insatiable goddess TRA to her feeding ritual: the entire exhibition is a live organism that feeds on the energy produced by the movements of the public. FEED ME! is an interactive capsule that creates a multidimensional space hungry to absorb your attention and use the force of your body. The interactive experience is complete, the “user” can enter the artwork and actually alter it by direct access to its controlling mechanism, moving his/her hands and legs and using them as extensions of the artwork. Thus, the visitor is transformed into a homocyborg, the anonymous visitor becomes an artist by the simple presence, as his/her energy gives a meaning to the entire exhibition. (Marilena Oprescu Singer)

*Co-organized by ArCuB