Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Home Mătăsari 56 Loc pe harta

Str. Mătăsari Nr. 17, Sector 2
0724 919 395

The Home Matasari project began to exist in 2009. Ever since, its mission has been the creation of  a syncretic space, prolific for visual arts by stimulating and encouraging creative and educational initiatives. Being a host for talented students, the space is a dialog platform and it generates ideas through original and systematic interventions into the urban- cultural environment.
Home Mătasari is not only mere space, it is work in progress, electrical happening, it is performance.

Eveniment NAG

Mind over body

19:00 - 04:00

Home Matasari is hosting a group exhibition with interesting, bold and subtle paintings whose subjects, no matter how different may be, have still the same basis. The human body. The 12 young artists, students and graduates of fine arts school, displaying a wide range of talents, „introduce” to us the human body from various perspectives. Each of the 12 artists gives their own point of view triggered by social revolt, humorous satire or by subtle feelings and emotions.
The project  includes paintings, a short film and complex drawings on unconventional background. Its mission – a heterogeneous result full of strong message aiming to make even the most skeptical viewer ask himself questions.