Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

M.N.D.A.C. / Magazinul Național de Artă Contemporană 58 Loc pe harta

str. Dr. Staicovici Nr. 26

This is not a gallery

Eveniment NAG

Discard speech

19:00 - 00:00

Artist: Andrei Cotruț

Curator: Ioana Marinescu

Discard speech is Andrei Cotrut's first solo show. He has tested the limits of  artistic tolerance in street art attempts, as well as group exhibitions. With this project, Cotrut probes the burgeoise atmosphere of the art gallery. The MNDAC attic will house pieces the artist has brought to a state of provisory finish. In the soundproof space, guarded from intruding strangers, he studies, as if in a laboratory, the way information is transmitted. The white wall is covered by an installation of coloured wires. It's an organic-abstract scheme in which the originary white divides into a multitude of colours. 

In front of this net, two statues, male and female, communicate using their bodily imperfections. A man and a woman compose a primordial couple. The two relate to each other through a primary language, devoid of words. The statuary silhouettes not only deny the classical canon of the perfect body. Andrei Cotrut rather relates to fashion and men's health magazines promoting flat abdomens and curved buttocks. He opposes these with softness of flesh losing the battle against gravity. The adipose layer and sagging muscles he shamelessly offers up for viewing try to seduce the spectator through naturalness rather than perfection. Between the two statues the artist builds a weaving of human silhouettes out of cloth. It is the peak of his dialogue, relayed through immobile gestures of his plaster bodies. The viewer is invited to touch and interact with the cloth shapes. Words must not be spoken, but translated into graphic signs imprinted into the body of the piece.