Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Romanian Peasent National Museum 26 Loc pe harta

Șoseaua Kiseleff nr. 3, București


19:00 - 00:00

“Irina Nicolau” Hall, “Foaier” Hall and inserts in the permanent exhibition of the museum

Artist: Sarkis

Curator: Irina Cios

One of the key representatives of conceptual art Sarkis is an artist continuously updating his approach. His art reflects on contemporary realities by means of a visual process that considers the past and projects it into the future. Sarkis sets up a filter of images and concepts that enable a different perspective in the perception of everyday live, unveiling hidden facets and stirring new emotions. His work creates a dialogue between places – that contain the history, the memory, the living – and the objects / images he creates, that embody places, experiences, landmarks of collective memory of the good an the evil that mankind has sawn in its passage through time.

The rainbow is the most recent element in Sarkis’ visual scape. In most of the beliefs it works as a promise of salvation, of absolution, is the bridge between earth and sky, the offer of a second chance, of a new beginning.

Sarkis’ rainbow is objectified. It embodies through the colored paths all the disturbances and abrupt changes that define contemporary world.

There are many legends about what is hidden at the end of the rainbow: a treasure, a promise, another existential dimension. The project in Bucharest invites us to imagine what may be at the other end of the rainbow, to try to define an imaginary construction based on the immaterial perception of the visible world. It invites to experience the endeavor that is proper to love, spirituality and art.

Sarkis imagined for Bucharest a visual path that connects three landmarks in the relation between the city, its recent history and contemporary culture: The National Museum of Romanian Peasant – keeper of Romanian identity, The National Museum of Contemporary Art – main scene of creative energies, and The Ark hosting the International Center for Contemporary Art – an example of creative urban conversion. The artistic discourse is articulated in relation with the specificity of each place.


The works presented in three different spaces of the museum set a dialogue between the playful as well as melancholic representation of childhood and the stillness of the material world devoid of the being. The dialogue includes a revealing mirroring of the creative path defined by Horia Bernea through the elements of the Romanian identity.

Organizer: French Institute Bucharest

Co-organizers : MNAC, MNȚR, The Ark / CIAC

Project realized in collaboration with: MANA Gallery, Istanbul and NATHALIE OBADIA Gallery, Paris, Istanbul BILGI University