Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

UAP / Galateea Gallery 34 Loc pe harta

Calea Victoriei, nr. 132, sector 1, Bucureşti
021 317 3814 / 074 535 941

GALATEEA is the gallery of  the Visual Artists' Union of Romania and aims to promote Romanian contemporary ceramics through the development of partnerships and collaborations with specialized international galleries and centers. The exhibition program is coordinated by a group of ceramists who had the initiative of this endeavor, and who set themselves to transform the gallery into:
- a launching and advancement space for the young ceramists, a display space for renowned artists, but also a space to pay homage to the masters;
- an ideal place for meetings and debates regarding the prospects of ceramics on international context and also the new concepts of ceramics in relation with other areas of visual arts;
- a lively space, generating dialogue between artists and audience, a space intended for making this fascinating art of fire understood, known and appreciated de dialog.
The exhibitions that take place in the Galateea Gallery are promoted online / print / radio / TV as follows : New Ceramics / Neue Keramik ( International Journal of Ceramics) , , SensoTV, Book Agency, Cultural Observatory, Radio Romania Cultural, ArtClue, BeWhere, VeiozaArte, Artline,, ŞapteSeri, B24 Fun,,, RomâniaPozitivă.ro,, Calendar Events.

Eveniment NAG

Sound of Ceramic / Sonorous Fantasies for ceramic art, performers and audience

21:30 - 04:00

Artists: Adela Bonaţ, Mana Bucur, Maria Cioată, Judith & Gheorghe Crăciun, Gherghina Costea, Georgiana Cozma, Romana Mateiaş, Aniela Ovadiuc, Mariana & David Olteanu, David Leonid Olteanu, Cristina Popescu Russu, Ioana Şetran
Curators: Irinel Anghel & Cristina Popescu Russu

Sound of Ceramic / Sonorous Fantasies for ceramic art, performers and audience

- interactive performance with Irinel Anghel and Darie Nemeş-Bota
- opening - 21.30 with interactive performance that will take place between 22.00-24.00

Each object from the exhibition has a hidden sound. This sound wants to be discovered, animated.
The ceramic materials have their own sonorous world contained in their seeming fragility that can vibrate in the hands of those who seek it. The sound of porcelain, stoneware or clay, infinitely different depending on the shape, thickness and size of the workpiece, is measured in Celsius degrees.
Stoneware and clay have unmistakable sound depths, but porcelain is sublime.
In China, the sovereigns of Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) and then the Ming (1368-1644) made the translucent porcelain to triumph, that „clay with divine sound“ when touched, in today known variety.

Unexpected  surprises come out from researches that ceramics can offer and hence arises the story of the exhibition that is unusual. It is a visual-sonorous exhibition, where the chosen forms bring meetings with original, novel sonorities and musical constructions.

Exhibition Dates: 23.05 – 16.06.2014