Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Williams Galleries 19 Loc pe harta

str. Mircea Vulcănescu nr. 57

An interactive networking platform for young artists and a free exhibition space in Bucharest that supports contemporary art in all its means of expression.

We dedicate our activity to artists and exhibitions. We exist for them and because of them. Out of true love for art we wish to ease the course of each and every artist and increase as much as possible the cultural appetite in the city of Bucharest. 

Shortly after opening their colourful door on December the 7th of 2013, the Galleries have become a sort of portal where artists arrive at the beginning of their journey, and whom we launch happily on their journey. The list of events is complete with movie nights, painting and graphics workshops, reading nights and interactive trainings.

The Williams Galleries cultural project is interdisciplinary, by combining art exhibitions with mixed-media events, whether musical, theatrical or cinematographic.

We have opened this art gallery that is free in all respects for any artist or artistic event. As the Galleries have a distinct spirit, we are passionate about versatile art projects, that are current and comprising, which is why we embrace creative ideas, ranging from classical to contemporary music, theatre, movie, dance, performance, photography and last but not least fine art in all shapes and sizes. For all of these we are involved in the promotion because we consider it's natural. Here, freedom of expression and art in its innate form feel at home. 

The plural is due to the division of the space - three rooms and a hallway, which represent the Mystery Gallery, the Hazard Gallery, the Soul Gallery and the Labyrinth Gallery. Thus, an artist can exhibit in one of the galleries if they cannot occupy the entire space or if they wish to constrain their concept into a singular space. For group exhibitions, this partition allows that the unique styles of artists remain unitary.

A relevant part of the Galleries are also the three craft cabinets, where several artists exhibit objects made out of glass, pottery, wood, as well as other materials, all fully handcrafted. Even the basement of the house emanates art, as this is the workshop of three young artists.

Weekly, we organise a fine art or photography exhibition, such that every saturday there is a new vernissage. The exhibitions are open daily for those interested until the following Thursday.

Thursdays are dedicated to the movie nights, which are meant as challenges or follow-ups to the preceding movie. The movies relate to art, artists, famous directors, revolutionary scenographers, documentaries or films with an impeccable image that teach important elements of cinematography. "For dessert" we watch animated movies from different movie festivals around the world.

Fridays are dedicated to music and theater. Thus, the concept of performing is exploited in all its forms. We are talking about classical music, jazz, vocal performance or improvisation, and even live mixing. Theater is received with great honor, whether it's improvisation or a well-known text.

The rest of the week is dedicated to open workshops and trainings, lectures and music or theater rehearsals, where the artists are free to play the piano, paint or organise lessons for those interested.

Eveniment NAG

13 Hours

17:00 - 06:00

The title is given by the group of artists, as well as the spread of the event over 13 hours (5pm-6am).

participating artists


13 Hours: Alexandru Grecu (Sașa), Adriana Ropoten, Răzvan Petrișor Dragoș, Laura Diana Epure, Alina Cerescu, Octavia-Cristiana Bălălău, Gheorghiță Cîrjă, Luiza Daniela Barbu, Roxana Rusu, Ana Maria Dinu, Andreea Istrate, Cristian Corelenco, Teodora Mechea


Julien Britnic


Diana Oprea

Florin Chirilă

aDore :Dragosh Mathias-Breisach, Bogdan Bărbulescu

Lily and the White Tiger


Katsell, informalist & Lăzărică


Adrian Simion-Trafa


Teodora Păcurar

Arthesium: Cosmin Cornici, Georgiana Asaftei, Daniel Vișan, Theodor Ștefan, Mirela Albu, Irina Puruia, Roxana Tudose, Roxana Axinte, Cristina Neacșu, Mihai Iordache, Florentina Anghel

The schedule runs from 5pm to 6am, as follows:

5pm – A cappella concert by Diana Oprea

An artist of just 16 with a promising voice that convinces us that she belongs on stage.

6pm – Butterflies and rains – poetry recital by Adrian Simion-Trafa

A show format that scolds, loves and saves beauty at the same time. An idea that the wish wishes, the fear fears, and the passion tortures people.

Reciting: Adrian Simion-Trafa

Guitar: Florin Chirilă

Author: Adrian Simion-Trafa 

7pm – Theater for everyone with Arthesium


Five o'clock 

The taming of the shrew


"The Words"

"Romeo and Juliet" (adaptation)

The Nagging Woman

The "Arthesium" theater company was founded one year ago este înființată de un an de zile și are la activ multe spectacole și evenimente. Parteneri principali sunt cei de la Universitatea Hyperion . Trupa are 70 de membri și 5 coordonatori . Până acum trupa a câștigat premii importante cum ar fi : Locul 2 la un concurs național de teatru , premiul 2 la secțiunea individual din cadrul Festivalului "Teatre de buzunar" și de asemenea un premiul 3 pentru individual în cadrul aceluiași festival . Mai multe puteți afla despre noi pe pagina noastră oficială de facebook Arthesium :

Coordinator: Cosmin Cornici

Members: Cosmin Cornici, Georgiana Asaftei, Daniel Vișan, Theodor Ștefan, Mirela Albu, Irina Puruia, Roxana Tudose, Roxana Axinte, Cristina Neacșu, Mihai Iordache, Florentina Anghel

8pm Vernissage "What kept famous artists up all night" – installations project by Julien Britnic

The installations want to reveal the things that cause artists to have sleepless nights. We could have 5 tables, 5 installations, 5 artists. For example, Charles Bukowski – a table full of cheap booze (Unirea, Scandic, V33), Da Vinci (the large image of a renaissance stripper), Daft Punk & Pharrell – a porcelain dog wearing a "Lucky" tag, etc. 

Julien Britnic is a copywriter and cultural remixer. He has written for the blog and Vice. Currently, he is collaborating with the designer Lana for a t-shirt series under the name of Lana X Britnic. His works reinterpret the surrounding pop environment with a monstruous sense and HD sight. He lives in his own world, but works in Bucharest.

9pm Graphic performance – handcarving and xylograph – 13 Hours group

The vernissage of "Frontiers" by 13 Hours is announced by a performance in which the artists create objects using handcarving and xylograph and share them with the audience.

10pm Vernissage "Frontiers" - group 13 Hours

The "Frontiers" exhibition by the group of young artists "13 Hours", studying graphics in the National University of Arts, makes their debut by staging the great play of time. Through this exhibition, they are looking for a parallel between traditional and modern and, why not, a joining. They do not wish to impose a point of view, instead they offer an alternative to an issue artists are facing in contemporary society: choosing a direction without compromising style.

Exhibiting: Alexandru Grecu (Sașa), Adriana Ropoten, Răzvan Petrișor Dragoș, Laura Diana Epure, Alina Cerescu, Octavia-Cristiana Bălălău, Gheorghiță Cîrjă, Luiza Daniela Barbu, Roxana Rusu, Ana Maria Dinu, Andreea Istrate, Cristian Corelenco, Teodora Mechea.

The artists carry out techniques such as handcarving, watercolour, ink, collage, engraving, xylograph, etching, aquatint, drypoint and installations.

The entire exhibition is concentrated on graphical techniques, becoming an open lesson, the entire time looking for a parallel between the scholastic and the contemporary.

This is the night's main event as the artists age between 20 and 26 and they wholly fulfill the Galleries' main purpose of promoting debuting artists.

10:30pm aDore concert

aDore is an electro-indie group founded in Berlin in 2000. On May 7th 2014 they released their fourth studio album, ”Signs”, a puzzling story about the time travel of a soul's avatar: dark rhythms, spectacular guitar tones and synthesiser sounds merge into an original style that is permanently morphing. aDore means: Dragosh Mathias-Breisach (voice, guitar, synth&sound machines), Bogdan Bărbulescu (bass, guitar, keyboard). 

11pm – "Our Lucky Sunday" after Franz Xaver Kroetz – One Woman Show by Teodora Păcurar

Theater, 40 minutes

12am Lily and the White Tiger Concert 

Marin and Ioana will perform an acoustic session – guitar and voice.

1am – Poetrip Concert

Poetrip represents a vocal-instrumental musical ensemble, a musical project that is independent from rules, classifiable as avangarde neoexperimentalism avant la lettre, art by context, lo-fi volens-nolens. 

2am – After Party : Rhythms and Surprises – with Katsell, informalist & Lăzărică