Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Atelierul de print 43 Loc pe harta

Str. Mavrogheni Nr. 10 – zona Universitate, Sector 1
0732 187 563

Atelierul de Print supports young Romanian artists and brings contemporary art closer to the public who appreciates it. We have created the first Romanian online art gallery, with illustrations offered in limited series. The fine art prints available on our website are signed by the artists and accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

Eveniment NAG


20:00 - 03:00

Artists: Sorin Sorasan, Noper, Saddo, AITCH, Kitra, Lartist, Raluca Bararu, Paul Hitter, Traian Laie, Georgiana Chitac, Dominus

Curator: Cristian Dobrescu

In the dark, fear crawls along, each step increases the sharpness of your senses, reality acquires new dimensions. UBIQUE CIRCUS presents a series of sketches and illustrations that dare to soar with acrobatic leaps straight into the dark side of your imagination.

- Art (Treasure) Hunt: in our gallery there is no source of light, each visitor receives a flashlight to discover the exhibition.
- Art shop.
- Horror-noir mix of music & visuals (both inside & outside the gallery).
- Light and shadow show: funny/creepy shadows play on the walls of the gallery (outside)