Galleries Night 2015


Str. Costache Negri, nr. 18A, sector 5
0726 739 385

food & more

Eveniment NAG

Delicate VANDALS

19:00 - 04:00

Participants: Ioana Maria Sisea, Diana Vasilescu - illustrations Anca Dima – graffiti concept

Slow food vs. fast food. Natural vs. toxic. Classic vs. modern. Paint vs. spray. Ladies vs. vandals. Inside vs. outside.

On the White Night, parallel worlds reveal in the well hidden FROG garden in Cotroceni. Food inspires, excites and feeds. We experiment inside and outside. Indoors, Ioana Maria Sisea and Diana Vasilescu carefully bring natural ingredients on paper and transform them into delicate illustrations. In the meantime, FROG girls combine the same ingredients into small surprises for your taste buds, only guided by nocturnal inspiration. Outdoors, the exterior is also subject to experiment: a toxic, fast and urban one. Artists or vandals leave marks and tags, in a live food graffiti marathon, coordinated by Anca Dima. In an insomniac state, we stare at the walls till morning, when the culinary dream starts breathing from every plaster pore.