Galleries Night 2015

Posibilă Gallery 17

str. Popa Petre, nr. 6
021 2117933

It's been over ten years since there is an art gallery on Popa Petre Street. Since 2003, it is called Galeria Posibilă and its shapes and appearances had been numerous, just like the passing years.
From Gili Mocanu’s painting to Nicu Ilfoveanu’s photography, from Matei Bejenaru's travel guide to Stefan Caltia’s voyages, from Dan Perjovschi’s books and newspapers to “Petite Histoire” anonymous photos, from Ion Dumitriu’s “Garbage Dump” to Bogdan Girbovan’s “Romanian Police Hierarchy”, Posibila Gallery seeks to be with each project, an open space for contemporary art.

Eveniment NAG

We're All in this Together

19:00 - 04:00

Artists: Diana Miron, Marina Oprea

Curator: Alexandra Mihali

"Public transport is the living room where individualities are merged through discussions which evolve no matter what. We are aware that our dialogues are public, but we become without our will listeners of the others." (Diana Miron și Marina Oprea)

If sharing the most personal stories is a choice, listening to the others may be impossible to control. However, the most personal conversations become public, first for our travelling companions, and than for those attending the exhibition. Without being a direct translation of reality, the visitor has the task to merge filmed gestures with recorded sounds. In this way, we all become beholders of the fusion between personal and public space.

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La Bibliotheque Fantastique

19:00 - 04:00

Artist: Antoine Lefebvre

Curator: Alexandra Mihali

Exhibiting artists' books represents one of our main objective in aiming to promote and sustain contemporary art. We developed an interes in printed artist book and together with "Cele Mai Frumoase Cărți" we invited young French artist Antoine Lefebvre to present his project which stands out for active involvement, both concept and exhibiting wise, of artists' publications. In 2009, he initiated the project "La Bibliotheque Fantastique", a virtual publishing house with artists' books that can be downloaded and printed for free as DIY publications. By presenting this project we wish to emphasize a new medium of comunication, direct and democratic regarding the vistiors'-participants' relationship with the art object.  

The concept of the project "La Bibliotheque Fantastique" is created around the medium of the book itself, examining all it's limits. The installations created by the artist within the exhibitions have both historic and documentary character puting together artists from the 20th century to our time. Moreover, the exhibition may be considered a visual theory of the artist book as a medium.


Since 2011, Galeria Posibilă initiated a cultural platform through which, each year, artists are curating a library reflecting their current research. This year, we invited Serioja Bocsok whose personal selection is based on landscape in contemporary photography.