Galleries Night 2015

Funnel Contemporary Art 10

Bd. Calea Victoriei, nr. 87-89, Sector 1
+40 72 508 53 87, +381 63 336 492 ,

Gallery/workspace FUNNEL represent interactive workspace for artists interested in sharing international art experience with the artists who live and create in Serbia. The space is open for all projects that are in line with the gallery's program including the active promotion of the cultural exchange towards cooperation EU and East Balcan region artists. 

The purpose of the project is to initiate openings of similar galleries / workspaces in the region, with the same idea of cultural exchange of contemporary art scenes. 

The authors of this idea are the artists from diferent EU and East Balcan region countries with significant professional experience in contemporary art, and are also open towards others who are interested in participating in this cultural cooperation art project. 

Predrag Popara

Eveniment NAG


19:00 - 04:00

Artist : Mihael Milunovic

Curators: Mami Iida & Predrag Popara

Mihael Milunovic is a painter that lives and works in Belgrade and Paris, successfully structuring his visual identity on the central and CEE region.

Born 1967 in Belgrade (Serbia) Education BA degree in painting on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1992.

MA degree on the same Faculty in 1995. Specialization at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris 1995-1996.

At Funnel Contemporary art, his last serial of medium formats made especially for the exhibition in Bucharest will be presented.

"Freedom Run" as the title of the exhibition is associated to the freedom that is being imprisoned and forced to capitulation.

 "Contemporary moment marks inforcment of the differeces, destruction of personal integrity through destruction of values, where naturally given rights are taken away from the future". 

Mihael Milunovic