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The museum is dedicated to the memory of several members of Mureşianu family with great cultural and political merits in their time. The museum illustrates above all the life and activity of the poet Andrei Mureşianu, the author of the Romanian national anthem, of the publisher Iacob Mureşianu (1812 - 1887), of his son Aurel Mureşianu (1847 - 1909), a journalist and publisher, who continued his father as leader of the "Transylvanian Gazette" and of the composer Iacob Mureşianu jr. The decorative art and fine arts collection includes Biedermeier pieces of furniture of the family, paintings by the painter Elena Mureşianu, the first Romanian woman painter from Braşov. The Mureşianu archives are one of the richest and most important family archives. The museum holds also a collection of musical instruments.

Albrecht Dürer - Master of Renaissance engravings

09:00 - 12:00
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10/03/2017 - 12/02/2017
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Albrecht Dürer (1471 – 1528) had been the most important representative of the Northern Renaissance Art. In spite himself he understood as an artist in the Gothic tradition of the late Middle Age, his genius work and his role in art history had been similar with Leonardo da Vinci for the Southern Renaissance. In fact, Leonardo is the only artist, comparable with him. But Dürer had been more systematic and precise in his work. Even more, he achieved, that no one else did before or after him: with his name, the whole epoch of the late 15th Century and early 16th Century and its cultural blossoming is described as “Dürer age”. We present Dürer as an artist who completed the Art of the Middle Ages in Central Europe and gave the start of the Renaissance Period. In this exhibition, which includes 110 engravings, the three masterpieces are included: -St. Jerome in his studies -Knight death and devil -Melancolia