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"Ştefan Baciu" Memorial House is the first museum dedicated to a Romanian exile personality: Ştefan Baciu (Braşov, 1918 - 1993, Honolulu - Hawaii) - poet, essayist and memoirs writer, journalist, art critic, translator, diplomat, and university professor. The Memorial shelters about 10,000 items: works of decorative and fine arts (Biedermeier furniture, porcelain, ivory, paintings), photos, 3,700 books (in Romanian, Latin, German, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese languages) and over 1,800 manuscripts and documents which belonged not only to the poet but to his entire family: Ioan Baciu (the poet’s father), Elisabeth Sager Baciu (mother) Ioana Baciu Mărgineanu (sister), Mira Simian Baciu (wife).

Elephants, cuckoos, horses and I - Interactive exhibition

09:00 - 22:00
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09/26/2017 - 11/26/2017
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Children accompanied by parents are invited to take part in a cultural adventure that starts from their favorite objects: toys. Elephants, cuckoos, horses and I, but also puppets, balls, small musical instruments and bells are presented to children's eyes, hands and curiosity. And because this world has become too large, diverse and interesting, it has been called a collection and has been given to Da'DeCe for it to be open and available to those who know best what to do with it. The exhibition is carried out after the collection has been carefully researched by a team of specialists in such small, preserved objects, in an Interactive exhibition: Elephants, cuckoos, horses and I.