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Built in the 15th century as a defense tower for the fortress of Braşov, the White Tower was the highest point of fortification in the city, communicating through a mobile bridge with the Graft Bastion. It is still an important historical and architectural monument of Brasov representing an alternative space used for a museal and performative purpose or as gallery for various exhibitions.

Studio LLIFL: Nurture the sustainable

19:00 - 03:00
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10/06/2017 - 10/06/2017

Since forever I used to gather up pieces of material, while traveling or in extravagant boroughs with huge mountains of almost abandoned clothing & textiles in general. In a harmonious synergy they came out as quilts, bags, dresses, anything that could be re-used. I just wished to use up all my virtues and ideeas, not let them rot away with time. Then along the years I was swept into this beautiful world of set and costume design. A world where everything was loaded with ancient stories, stories you could guess if only touching or smelling a piese of old textile. For a few short years I was completely absorbed by my work in that dirty studio. Then what followed was a huge blessing becoming a mother. My whole cosmic attention had now a new purpose. After a tridimensional gap I slowly come back to my senses and work, this time gathering pieces of fruits and plants, setting free new ideas that would take fragile forms. The world around me is transforming into something better, closer to ourselves. We strat reaching out to newer, alternative forms of living in all areas of life. I stopped supporting the big companies that have no consideration for nature or human beings. It is time for a new revolution, an inner one this time. This is how LLIFL was born, this "brand" as a sustainable alternative for kid's clothing. Caring for the community and the planetary resources every single person involved in this work is treated fairly.


21:00 - 22:00
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09/15/2017 - 09/15/2017

Biofilm is an experimental performance designed to create a synesthetic experience that frees the sensations created by different forms of art, bringing them into contact, in dialogue and engaging the public in this free, democratic and uninhibited game of intensity. Biofilm is the biography of each of us and its potential to communicate, to touch, to leave a fingerprint on someone else. Biofilm is the film of our generation and the symbolic, existential, social solidarity that we can now live in.

Expozitie colectiva a elevilor Liceului de Arta Brasov