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AP. 1 was born out of the need to be able to experience photography in a place different from a gallery, museum or coffee shop. We believe that photography can be consumed at home, the same way you admire a painting in a friend’s place. Thus AP. 1 became a domestic gallery, an inhabited apartment which transforms in a gallery opening its door for the first time with the occasion of NAG 2017. Once you ring our doorbell, you are welcomed like a visiting friend in a homey atmosphere where you can take a tour of the house and view the photos that will be changed a few times each year. AP. 1 will exhibit exclusively photography and its derived practices. We also believe in the commercial side of art, so if you like anything just tell us and we’ll make sure you can have one at your home. On regular days, we can schedule a visit by e-mail or phone. On NAG, we are open all-night.


19:00 - 02:00
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06/10/2017 - 06/01/2018

With an essay-like approach rather than a documentary one, photographer Dragoș Hanciu is trying to make a topography of the memories connected to the places where he grew up in his project Hometown. Orăștie becomes the ambassador of the small post-industrial towns where most of present-day Romanians grew up and which they left for the promise of better, bigger places. After years away studying in a bigger city, the photographer finds his own town, which he had long considered to be frozen in time, in a continuous change, thus feeling obliged to change himself as well. The places and things he knew so well are now changed by time and people’s absence. The sensibility of the photos explores a reality touched by the poetic absurdity of the urban landscape contradictions – the city is deserted or populated by people, like ephemeral apparitions awaken solely for the moment of the photograph. The 20 images will be shown publicly in Romania for the first time at AP. 1 after they were first exhibited at Die Faerberei Gallery in Munich in 2016. Limited series of 12 prints/photo, 20x30cm Giclée print.