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ALERT sudio - Artist-run space. ALERT studio is an independent project initiated by Raluca Demetrescu, Alina Buga and Catalin Burcea in order to create a platform of research and promotion of contemporary artistic production. Taking on the function of a laboratory space, Studio Alert proposes a meeting between artists, ideas, directions and speeches from different areas of conceptual and cultural spaces. Critical thinking and interrogation are important and valued as research methods in the contemporary cultural and artistic field. ALERT studio stands as a gallery project, connecting three areas of artistic exploration - PINK | RED | WHITE - into one space. But these coordinates do not mean indexing, labeling and restriction. They may intersect, combine in new shades, and may always communicate and trigger debates.


19:00 - 02:00
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09/29/2017 - 10/13/2017
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TRACE. PARTICLE. WAVE @ ALERT STUDIO „The virtue of the candle lies not in the wax that leaves its trace, but in its light.” (Antoine de Saint Exupery) Scrutinized under intense light, seemingly commonplace scenes attain a surreal quality. Strength of light translates into fluidity of matter, dissolution of contours and reduction of forms to their visual essence. All these, in turn, end up rendering visual reality unexpectedly uncanny and phantasmal. In the peak of summer, somewhere like on a busy beach, on the banks of a river or in a flowery garden, colours become intensely saturated, silhouettes get lyrically blurred and simple actions gain an almost mythical quality. Under sunny, clear skies, a crowd of people having fun by the sea -a spectacle which is in itself, socially and visually, both banal and exceptional- attains an apocalyptic quality; a man in a boat becomes a kind of primordial scene; the pink, yellow or green tones of a flowing river or of a steep, forested seafront shimmer in ways that give them a fantastic appearance. Diana Oțet’s works from the Trace. Particle. Wave series draw inspiration from these transfigurations of reality carried out by light and light induced reverie. Oily pastels, which possess at the same time wax-like fluidity and dust-like granulation, seem particularly adequate for capturing this apparent fluidity and uncanniness of reality; their physical characteristics also allow them to allude to the paradoxical nature of light itself. The exhibited works are the results of the artist’s attempt to visually circumscribe the melting together, under the straightforward magic of light, of matter and dream, of reality and fantasy, of the commonplace and the mythical. (Bogdan Iacob)