Strada Lascar Catargiu nr 27
Pavesiana is the expression of a unique cultural experience in Romania that will bring together a publishing house, a library and an educational center, all dedicated to the Italian culture and civilization. Although a niche publisher, Pavesiana already includes dozens of titles and is present at all book fairs it has attended, winning the Best Transaction Award at the 2013 Gaudeamus Book Fair. ARTHOL is a GMP Advertising project. Through ARTHOL, art creates bridges between creative people in different areas of art, inviting them to exhibit and promote their art. ARTHOL 1 is an art gallery hosted in the GMP Advertising Hall of Leonida 19. ARTHOL 2 is hosted in the Pavesiana space, 27, Lascar Catargiu.

May Contain Traces of Earth

18:00 - 02:00
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09/21/2017 - 10/20/2017
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‘‘May Contain Traces of Earth’’ is an art project that studies through visual means the genesis and the inner workings of Universe, as they are perceived by the human being. The game of visual and conceptual motifs starts from a microcosm level, or the level of subatomic particles, and expands towards macrocosm, to the system level of celestial body. The recognizable elements from physics, astronomy and biology fields alternate with pure imaginary elements that are coming from a human’s inner world, filled with subjectivity. Towards this step we searched for an essence that stays at the basis of each thing and animates them, we searched for an unseen pattern that transcends the limits of space and time and connects the reality with the imaginary world. The type of processes that I represent are repeating themselves to infinity, in changeable spheres. Thus, the drawings and the paintings represent, in the same images, elements of different worlds that are interdependent and ruled by same moves and principles. The project has as reference points the relation between consciousness and matter, in an attempt to fix some dynamics of existence through images. The artworks are meant to achieve a visual bridge between the human being’s physical world and his inner world. The human element cannot be taken out of the equation whenever we contemplate the Universe. The human himself creates an image about the world based on his senses, however this image is the result of a mixture of different elements from inner and outer and it is far from being an objective representation of reality. The title of this artwork series, ‘‘May Contain Traces of Earth’’, makes us think about Earth, this sphere of thought, the place that offers us the chance to stop whenever we contemplate the beauty of universe. It is the place in which our daily problems become insignificant when compared to the cosmic space. The cosmogony is a recurrent theme in art and, in general, in human culture, from the beginning of history until today. This subject is addressing to human needs, the need of understanding where are we coming from and why we exist. Therefore, I believe in the unlimited potential and in the newness of the theme which, not being a passing subject in time, will be of interest in the far future. Each era will treat the theme in its own manner, based on the strong systems of beliefs and knowledge from different fields.