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Imbold, Gallery is an ongoing project of the Imbold Foundation and an independent space for exposure of contemporary art. Imbold focuses on the informal connection between artists and their audiences. Both the association and the gallery support the mix between artistic fields, techniques and technologies (sculpture, illustration, industrial design, mapping, photography, performance). Imbold also hosts exhibitions in alternative venues such as cinemas, former manorial palaces, parks and gardens, warehouses etc. Our projects include visual arts festivals: Bucharest Optimixed and Imbold Nativ and exhibitions or mentoring projects with artists Dan Perjovschi, Misha Diaconu, Victor Fota, Claudiu Ciobanu, Andrei Argaetic, Nicu “Kitră” Duță, Pisica Pătrată, Olivia Arthur, Lurdes R. Basoli, Kathryn Cook, Mimi Chakarova, Jessica Dimmock, Claudia Guadarrama, Claire Martin, Emily Schiffer, Ami Vitale, Cristi “Igu” Vasile & Co.

Teracota, mon amour!

19:00 - 03:00
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06/09/2017 - 06/09/2017

Friday, on 6th October, at the White Night of Galleries, Imbold Pop Up Gallery brings to Acuarela an exhibition of painted tiles from the last manufactory of Transylvania. The exhibition is being curated by Alexu Toader, a young art director who gave up the horns in Bucharest for the twittering and quiet life of the village Viscri, Brasov. "Teracota, mon amour!" is a collaboration between Imbold Association and Teracota Mediaş. The terracotta factory in Medias was established in 1906 and had 25 workers. After 110 years, the factory has almost the same number of employees using the same techniques and materials as in 1906. Each tile is cast, finished, glazed and hand-painted. A large collection of Transylvanian tiles is collected in the factory archive, including rare stoves from the Astra Museum in Sibiu. Some of them will be cast, painted and exhibited in Bucharest launched at the NAG 2017 in Bucharest. Together with ceramic pieces, "Teracota, mon amour!" also displays a mobile stove with painted tiles, glued with yellow ground and mounted by one of the Terracotta foremen. The tile oven is said to be one of the most representative artefacts in the Romanian civilization, and especially in the Transylvanian one, an artifact that presents events and changes made at the level of society from the ethnic, political, social, economic point of view. "Terracotta made from ceramic plates, flat or tubular became, for centuries, the pretext of continuous technical innovations and artistic, decorative or coloristic experiences ... ..a true artistic masterpiece, the symbol of social, economic, religious belief (... ) - Prof. Dr. Corneliu Bucur, Astra Museum ** The title of the exhibition is chosen by Adrian Popescu, a press and marketing man and with a strong passion for Terracotta tiles.