Alex Mirutziu
, Romania
Alfredo Aceto
, Switzerland
Andrei Becheru
Bucureşti, Romania
Asztalos Zsolt
, Romania
Ben Alper
Durham, United States
Benjamin Hochart
, France, Metropolitan
Bogdan Vlăduță
Bucuresti, Romania
Ciprian Muresan
, Romania
Cristian Rusu
, Romania
Cristina Gagiu
, Romania
Dragoș Bădiță
, Romania
Elena Ilash
, Romania
Enric Fort Ballester
, Spain
Espen Cook
, Norway
Flaviu Rogojan
, Romania
Florin Marin
, Romania
Gabriel Marian
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Gabriel Marian lives in Cluj-Napoca and is a visual artist and a curator at the Paintbrush Factory, Cluj (Fabrica de Pensule). The artist graduated from the Cluj Art University in 2011 with a MA in Fine Art.
Ioana Iacob
cluj napoca, Romania
Ioana Iacob is a Cluj-based graduate of the University of Arts and Design where she is also currently pursuing her PhD. The figurative style she employs, sometimes autobiographical, always functions as continuous investigation in the painterly medium.
Juhos Sándor
, Romania
Livia Pancu
, Romania
Lucian Indrei
, Romania
Maje Mellin
, Germany
Mihai Iepure-Górski
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
I enjoy the emotional roller coaster that I have to ride in the creative process; from being influenced by something I see, feel or experience, until the end of a project and the public's reception and reaction. I like to work with materials that are connected to me in a way or another; it makes my work feel very intimate, giving the viewer an idea of what kind of person I am. Thread is the material most often seen in my work, I'll always be faithful to it. In the last few years my intention has been directed towards recycling, towards trying to transform ordinary, used clothing, into new products, enhanced with an esthetic value clearly superior to their original one. Hijacking fashion into art is so now, while the object maintains its function, it loses its functionality, since Function no longer dictates Form. The objects I create could be worn, but that is not their main purpose, hence my main goal is to create “vestimentary sculptures”.
Radu Cioca
, Romania
Raluca Bobiş
, Romania
Răzvan Anton
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Sabina Elena Dragomir
, Romania
Șerban Savu
Sighisoara, Romania
Stefano Calligaro
, Italy
Szabó András
, Romania
Tincuţa Marin
, Romania
Voica Puscasiu
Cluj napoca, Romania
Voica Puşcaşiu has a bachelor degree in Art History and is a Philosophy PhD researcher at the „Babeş-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca. Her interest leans toward a sociological approach to contemporary art as well as how the perception of art affects its cultural value.