Noaptea Galeriilor 2013

30 Loc pe harta

str. Iacob Negruzzi, nr. 28
0724 158 561 / 0727 487 208

Studio and a place of creation in visual art open to the public, also an alternative space who expose the permanent residents' work - Daniel Craciun, Victor Bratu and Sorin Moldovan, or for artists in partnership like Ovidiu Panighiant or Bogdan Lascar, of others artists invited by us from Romania, and possible from abroad; we propose to the public our visual projects, and of the artists who are sometimes selected in partnership with curators and art project managers. Exhibited media: painting, graphics, mix-media, photography, video, others.

Eveniment NAG

Pictural revival

19:00 - 04:00

artists: Daniel Crăciun, Victor Bratu

In this time, when multi-media and neo-conceptual art assault more and more the space (of art and life) and the art-market, We -among other valued artists- are proposing to reestablish the role of the painting like media in general sense, and the revival of the contemporary painting in particular; because we are feeling this and because the painting, like sculpture (the contemporary also) is a form of art  full of perenniality and keeping universal value everywhere, a media converging to the full spirituality, and cultural relation.  ``Pictural revival`` is the statement of our event proposed for NAG, and  the mentioned artists will presenting paintings of relative big sizes, in a manner who reveal by their personal touch and characteristics, the artistic reevaluation of styles like neo-symbolism, abstract art(expressionist or geometric),the neo-expressionism or the painted-objects. In situ is possible that in the last part of the night, will be projected short video art projections, with musical or poetical background, realized by Daniel Craciun This short movies will be characterized by their picturesque, dynamic and poetry of space.