Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

The CAN 67 Loc pe harta

Str. Povernei Nr.35, Sector 1
0745 862 014

The CAN (The Collective Art Neighbourhood) is an independent project that sets its focus on contemporary artistic practices, reuniting two complementary approaches, The CAN: InResidence and The CAN: OpenHouse. Located in the centre of Bucharest, The CAN functions simultaneously as an (open-)studio, a platform for dialogue and an exhibition venue.

The CAN: InResidence is a residency program for international artists practicing in the fields of visual and performing arts, theatre and film. Based on the necessity of a common space for contemporary artistic discourse and practice, The CAN: InResidence has set its goal in creating a dynamic environment for interaction and collaboration with the Bucharest art scene. The artists-in-residence will thus take part in presentations, visits and workshops, also being able to work with local students, artists, curators and with contemporary art spaces that support the project.

Through the program The CAN: OpenHouse, the project opens itself towards various experiences and collaborative experiments alongside local film festivals, independent theatre companies and other related cultural initiatives. By hosting a large array of creative events, The Can aims at actively contributing to the reinforcement of a consistent cultural network, that has the priority of directly engaging the local community.

The CAN is an independent project initiated by Liviu Bărbulescu and Andra Gheorgiu in collaboration with Sandra Demetrescu and Ioana Mandeal. The project has been launched in March 2014.

Eveniment NAG


19:00 - 04:00

artists: Serioja Bocsok, Alexandra Ivanciu, Nicoleta Moise & Olalla Castro 

curators: Sandra Demetrescu, Ioana Mandeal

“Blind/date” offers a threefold challenge to reflect upon collective identity. The exhibited works are tracing a discoursive framework in which the foundations, limits and stagings of identity interlace: be it through the adaption to a latent source of ritualistic practices, through the confrontation with the physical and mental space generated by the boarders of a country, or through the questioning of some mechanisms underpinning artistic representation.

credit: Nicoleta Moise & Olalla Castro, film still from “Bringing Luck Back”, video, 2013