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Fundația Baia Mare 2021

Alina Rad

The Baia Mare 2021 Foundation was founded to support the city’s efforts to obtain the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021. In order to define and operationalize this application, the foundation has developed and conducted various activities such as: development and realization of national and international partnerships; organizing exhibitions and cultural events in Baia Mare and the partner cities; publication of studies, reference material and periodicals; public identification and inclusion of new events and exhibition spaces in Baia Mare; organizing information sessions, workshops and courses devoted to artists and cultural operators in a Centre of Excellence in Cultural Management; advice and support through partnerships projects of national cultural operators seeking European funding.

The Foundation headquarters, located in the historic center of Baia Mare, functions as a host-gallery, providing for the local public, until now, two photography exhibitions and one of contemporary painting.