creart Gallery
Piața Alexandru Lahovari nr. 7

Contemporary art and photography gallery dedicated to solo shows of important Romanian and international artists. A project of the Bucharest Municipality through creart - Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 14.11.2021

How much time do we spend a day staring at our smartphones? What would a half face-to-face conversation look like if even when we are next to each other we talk by messages? How real is actually the interaction between us now, when we all are immersed in online? Through the exhibition WE ARE SUPER OK, the artist Mircea Moroianu aims to examine, with humour and with a dose of irony, the social alienation we are facing now, in the era of virtual interaction. "When I draw, I'm like a scanner. My drawings are syntheses and opinions about what I see beyond the first layer of a thing, of an event. As a very dear person once said, I draw ideas, not vases with flowers. Sometimes I think of a drawing for days and - when I see it clearly enough - I draw it in a few minutes”, Mircea confesses. Topics covered in the WE ARE SUPER OK exhibition include alienation by technology, turning away from ourselves, chronic indecision and adapting to a toxic relationship. The video installation "Are we Super OK?" tells the story of the migration of our lives in online and is based on the text of the play "Super OK", written by Mircea Moroianu and awarded by several theatres in Romania.