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Sounds Like a Book - Buzzzz


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
08.10.2021 - 17.10.2021

Buzzzz Residency brought together artists who have an interest in interdisciplinarity, research, and experimentation. The participants developed an artist/self-publishing book, starting from a mental image or sounds produced/recorded during the residency program. As a starting point, the sounds and books take the aggressive human intervention in nature over the last three centuries. This has brought ecological and climate unbalance. BUZZZZ interrogates the asymmetric relationship between human and non-human agents that generate ecosystem destruction and reduction of biodiversity. The focus is keeping an eye on alternative modes of coexistence that should be based on care and interdependence while following the symbiotic model of organisms and their attachment to the inner and outer environment. Through extended and immersive detours, new and affective soundscapes are opened, connecting ourselves to nature in a transversal and transpersonal way. Coordinators: Lukas, Jakob Löcker (AT), Grapho-mat (RO) Artists: Carlos Bernal Barrera (COL/ FR), Florin Enache (RO), Caitlin Hespe (AUS/ HU), Florine Mougel (FR), Cristina Pîrvu (RO), Delia Andrada Prodan (RO), Brîndușa Tudor (RO), Anca Țintea (RO), Matei Udriște (RO), Agnieszka Zdziabek (PL) Curator: Mihai Popescu