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Ștefan Ungureanu | GARDEN OF EDEN


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Perioada Expozitie
08.07.2021 - 30.10.2021
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"Game of Life" is an automated cell phone, a computer model, i.e. a grid whose cells can have a finite number of states, such as on (living cell) and off (dead cell). For each cell, those around it are called neighbors. At an initial time (t = 0) a state is assigned to each cell. In the next step (t = 1), a new generation is created according to fixed initial rules that determine the state of each cell. These initial rules are: Any living cell with two or three living neighbors survives. Any dead cell with three living neighbors becomes a living cell. All other living cells die in the next generation. All other dead cells remain dead. Garden of Eden is a special type of initial configuration in Game of Life. A configuration that has no precursors, which exists only as an initial/incipient iteration, a pattern that cannot be reached by computing. This is also the resemblance assumed to the place of human origin in many cultures - Paradise - but Garden of Eden is here a metaphor for a mathematical situation, an algorithm that iterates on a grid the development and evolution over time (generations) of systems that seem alive, real, and more than that, mathematically grounded, as a scientific reassurance of the validity of an idea. Ștefan Ungureanu