ARTHUB Bucharest Studios
Str. Vasile Lascăr nr. 63 Sector 2 București

ARTHUB Bucharest was established in 2013 as a collaborative space of production, laboratory and display for art and performance. The project objectives are: finding sustainable solutions for the problem of production spaces for independent art and theater; creating an inclusive and supportive artistic community. ARTHUB hosts 7 artists who run their art studios in Vasile Lascăr 63 headqarters and a small gallery space. ARTHUB events offer the general public innovative and complete artistic experiences, from visual to performance, related to the experimental area, debut, cultural change and more. ARTHUB is a project of Association for Contemporary Art Promotion. Established in 2010, the aims of the organization are: to promote and support artists in the field of contemporary visual and performing arts; to facilitate production of contemporary art and independent theater; to encourage direct access and participation in intersectional, feminist, social cultural projects and artist

Onirique Black and White Technicolor Conversation between Fabien Ghernati and Nairam


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 17.10.2021
The dreamlike dialogue between the French Fabien Ghernati and the Romanian Nairam is one of non-color and color, sunset and sunrise, pen and brush, a meeting in the realm of symbols, interpretation and expression. Fundamentally different, the two artists resonate on a symbolic level. The conversation continues during the meeting with the audience, who can build their own interpretation starting from the symbol images that work as “ice breakers". The virtual dialogue between the two artists began within the WE ”RE HERE project (wiehie.org). WE’RE HERE is, for the moment, an online exhibition that brings together artists in an informal network that focuses on (re) imagining a way of presenting art. On June 8, 2020, the WE’RE HERE project invited artists, regardless of citizenship, artistic field and mode of expression, to submit their queer works, without prizes, without fees. The call materialized in a virtual exhibition, presented as a Vimeo showcase with a duration of approx. 1,600 seconds / with 36 works that can be viewed at bit.ly/VimeoWEREHERE and, depending on the funds to be obtained, a video installation and a physical exhibition in Romania. WE’RE HERE contains nudity and is intended for adults. The project has two other components: one for research into contemporary queer art and the participants' artistic practice, and an editorial one containing news and interviews with WE’RE HERE artists. WE'RE HERE (wiehie.org) - / \ lexāndre, Adrian Oncu, Adrian Florin Pop, Alan Ciba, Alejandro Monroy Trejo, Alina Marinescu, Aris Tureac, Atila Gomboș, Bassel Moussa, Big Butt Geek, Bobb Attard, Dan Toma, Darrell J.Dinges, Dash Fox, Edicleison Freitas, Efthymis Charmalias, Emiol Capet, Fabien Ghernati, Frank Xarate, George Kanis, Gili Avissar, Gregory Olivenbaum, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Ian Stone, Ignacio Aramburu, Laceoni, Laurence Caron, Lea Rasovszky, Liviu Bulea, Manel Ortega, Meraj, Michał Sokołowski, Michel Vicario, Mihai-Vladut Gicoveanu, Miss Natasha Enquist, Mohamad, Nairam, Nikola Djukich, NLMKART, Otilia Cadar, Paul Mureșan, Raul Balica, Răzvan Ion, Rémi Segalas, Ric Stott, Rudolf Cuchkin, Santiago Estellano, Tiberiu Căpudean, VICARIO, Vincent Puren