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Since May 2014, a house-monument from the centre of Bucharest became Roman Gallery. It appeared from the desire of the founders to give to the public in Romania and not only, a common space, which carry with them at least a soul and few glances. In Roman Gallery you will find a new perspective that goes beyond the classic exposure, impersonal work of art, a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, an oasis of beauty and education of the gaze in a world rushed and constantly moving. Here, at Romanian Gallery, you will find decorative art exhibitions, romanian and foreign, classical and contemporary. We intend to organize temporary exhibitions (personal and collective) of romanian and foreign artists, exposure of consecrated artists and to promote emerging romanian and international artistic. Also, there will be organized cultural events, conferences, seminars, debates and presentations editorial, the gallery space is very generous for this kind of events. Located on the Bd. Las

”gestuar” by Nora BLAJ - Painting exhibition


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
12.10.2021 - 27.10.2021

Art between poetry and painting: the opening of the ”gestuar” painting exhibition by Nora BLAJ On Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Galeria Romana in Bucharest will host the opening of the exhibition ”gestuar” , by artist Nora BLAJ, starting at 7 pm. An international artist who lives and paints in the UK, Nora BLAJ returns to Romania with a series of personal exhibitions, the first taking place in Bucharest and Timisoara. "I paint myself, in different stages of my life" says Nora BLAJ and invites you to discover the latest cycle of works entitled gestuar (n.r. gestuar comes from noun” gesture„): “gestuar is a searched word. It comes from my need to gather, as in childhood in a herbarium, under a name, a collection not of flowers and leaves, but of gestures wrapped in me through eyes and heart and transposed, naturally, as in a self-dictation, on canvas or paper. gestuar is a whirlwind of emotions that, I hope, have the power to embrace you. ” Nora BLAJ is a member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania and a member of European Artists e.v. Association, based in Velbert, Germany. She graduated, in Timișoara, in 1993 the College of Fashion Design and in 2000 the Faculty of Fine Arts, in the class of professor Romul Nuțiu. Nora BLAJ has numerous solo exhibitions in Romania, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia and participates in group exhibitions in the country and abroad. His works are in private and public collections in Europe, America and Asia. She collaborates with art galleries in Europe and participates in art fairs in Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Romania. In 2008 she won the award for best artist of the year in Timisoara, and in 2020 Nora Blaj is decorated by the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis with the Order "Cultural Merit" in the rank of Knight, category "Fine Arts". Nora BLAJ's stylistic brand, said Dan Mircea Cipariu, is the red with lines of force, a red of the tensions that are expected to be released, a red with impulses between chromatics, a sign of a refined expressionism: Nora's Red. "Everything that gathers in me inspires me, good or bad, without realizing them on the spot. What I see. What I hear. What I feel. What I would like to feel. What bothers me. I gather all the despair and all the joys until they no longer take place and then I know that the time has come to put them on the canvas. I am not faithful to a style of painting, but I am true to myself when I paint. I paint myself and my paintings are stages in my path, each of them important, some paintings being nothing but "fingerprints", receptacles for emotional states, more at first feverish, optimistic, tonic, after a while searched more, melancholy on in some places, the color less harsh. " Partners of the event: Catena pentru arta, SensoTV, Evenimentul Zilei, TVR1, Agenția de carte, Intell News, Jurnalul Bucureștiului, Modernism, Propagarta, Ultima oră. Exhibition program: October 12 - 27, 2021. Galeria Romana: 1 Lascăr Catargiu Blvd., sector 1 Bucharest/ tel. fixed: +40 311 079 275 / e-mail: office@galeriaromana.ro / www.galeriaromana.ro Nora Blaj: norablaj.art / contact@norablaj.art / +40 744 644 645 / +447 935 443 605