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Greetings from Zanzibar


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 17.10.2021

Installation/ Performance after texts from the poetry anthology „De mâine suntem pământ fierbinte”/ "From tomorrow we are hot earth" by Andrei Novac "Greetings from Zanzibar" is an intermediate project that refers to the need for sensory communication, the need for freedom and the exoticism of authentic freedom, in a context in which our world as we knew it was put on hold. The volume „De mâine suntem pământ fierbinte”/ "From tomorrow we are hot earth" is a synthesis of Andrei Novac's literary activity after 20 years since his debut and it was illustrated by Flavia Lupu. The illustrations are interventions on old works, which have been revised and have been put back in the field of art. The recurrent object added to the old works as an intervention are the cloth napkins, a life motif that appears in the texts of Andrei Novac. "Greetings from Zanzibar" is built on three directions: an audio installation that is based on some of Andrei Novac's texts, a video installation made in collaboration by Flavia Lupu and Teodor Hossu-Longin, series of 6 light boxes and a performance made by Flavia Lupu.

Enclosed in a transparent box, Flavia Lupu will fold in envelopes 200 postcards with fragments of handwritten texts by Andrei Novac in Zanzibar, from the volume „De mâine suntem pământ fierbinte”/ "From tomorrow we are hot earth", packed along with napkins with traces of kisses in envelopes with stamps from Zanzibar. On a mailbox door will be thrown outside these letters without a recipient, letters that can be taken by the public to be kept as souvenir, or, why not, stamped again and sent on.