str. Plantelor 58

Located in a former art gallery, Diptych continues to exhibit contemporary art while also serving as a creative space and art studio. could be if urban policies would harmonize with architectural style. Strada Plantelor [Plants Street] evokes a longing for a garden-city rich in foliage and houses in Neo-Romanian, Art Deco and Modernist style, raised mainly between the two wars. Most of the buildings survived the communist era and are now still fighting to survive the lack of administration interest, through artistic means, amongst others. The gallery’s building was originally meant to function as an inn and is now a protected historical monument. The neighbourhood is art dense, hosting three art galleries, a photo studio and several creative workshops. The artists invited to display come from all walks of art: painting, sculpture, photography, sound, film, installation, performance and poetry. They are novel and unique, barely or not showcased at all anywhere else.

into - me - see


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 07.11.2021
We bring to you an exhibition that talks about what the Museum of Intimacy is, and the concept we’ve chosen to explore is that of Into-me-see. Into-me-see is first and foremost a process of self-discovery, a process that begins the instant we start working on the most important relationship of our lives – the relationship with our own selves. As we begin granting ourselves more and more love and trust, we find that we can build sturdier bridges with our community and open up to others in a healthier, easier way. Intimacy is created at the crossroads between cultivating autonomy, opening up to ourselves, and our ability to let ourselves be seen bare and vulnerable and tell others when we feel pain or joy. On the one hand, Into-me-see is a collection of stories about self-intimacy, and on the other, it is a collection about the relationships we have with others, all while practicing intimacy with an increased sense of self-awareness, compassion and empathy towards others. Into-me-see is the mirror we gaze into each and every time we want to learn more about who we truly are.