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Gaep is a contemporary art gallery with a vibrant exhibitions programme featuring the work of established and emerging artists. Founded by Andrei Breahnă (gallerist and cultural manager) and Raluca Șoaita (architect), it was initially named EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS and focused on artistic practices from Eastern Europe. In 2019, it changed its name into Gaep to become consistent with the new international nature of the programme, a result of the connections established over time with the international milieu of contemporary art. The current programme includes artistic practices that reflect various sociopolitical contexts and different generational positions, in an attempt to transcend established borders and circulate artworks and ideas in new ways.

Sebastian Moldovan: Spacetime's a Wastin’


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
11.09.2021 - 31.10.2021

An avid explorer of uncommon situations, Sebastian Moldovan recomposes his personal experiences as complex artistic projects that challenge the way viewers perceive their surroundings. The artist’s new exhibition is grounded in a vehicle accident he had in 2019; the collision and the recovery process underlie several of the works presented at Gaep. While on the upper floor visitors encounter drawings for which the artist used surprising techniques, so that his hand would not directly touch the drawing surface, the basement of the gallery offers a multisensorial experience via the installations in situ. Some of them, such as a rock climbing route or a subterranean garden that grows for the duration of the exhibition, bring the outdoors indoors. Others, such as the sound installation that branches out in the labyrinthine chambers, emits a distorted sound – an effect resembling the way the artist hears after the accident. For over a month, Sebastian’s studio has been the basement of the gallery. Most of his installations in situ are laboriously produced as they require the use of a 3D printer for key elements, the repurposing of elements of other artists’ works that have been left in the gallery’s spaces or of materials that were lying unused in its storage areas. The title of the exhibition, a wordplay based on a song title (Time’s a Wastin’), reflects the artist’s interest in black holes, these space-time regions that have fascinated minds such as Einstein and Hawking and continue to intrigue scientists. The artist takes scientific theories on the hypothetical existence of time reversals of black holes, that eliminate matter, instead of absorbing it, and renders them into emotional forms of expression.