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Hack my Cage


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 21.10.2021
Hack my cage works as a pretext to bring together a series of artists, who share common conceptual directions, they being mediators in the relationships and structures that conceptualize the individual. The exhibition can be understood as a background for the generation of a discursive field meant to translate current artistic hypostases, practices and work environments, as well as individual mythologies, provided through the prism of alternative forms of expression. Present being, infinite interpretations, each of them, subject to the artistic product, in itself, Hack my cage, represents a dialogue, a juxtaposition of realities or metanarratives, that coexist and are subscribed to the hybrid conditions, on which the social structures, as well as the organic ones, determines them. Whether it is about examinations of the context generated by digital technologies, the understanding of the human body as a fluid or the analysis of speculative courts regarding the future, the works are objects that negotiate space and bring together tools for reflection on the updated self. They use narrative ambiguities that engage in private dialogues with reality and are subject to random states. Hybridization is present in the continuous iteration of the digital condition, of nature, of situations specific to the absurd or the fantastic. Hack my cage discloses to the public the manner and substratum of the artistic context it hosts, following alternative ways of combining distinct techniques, themes, queries and collaborations. The title can be understood as a metaphor brought to the interconnection of artistic objects, these being part of a conceptual fabric, waiting to be dismantled. The cloister is replaced by the release.