Bd Carol I Nr.53

Carol 53 is an open environment which stimulates, encourages and promotes the initiatives of individuals or groups. It’s an apolitical and non-discriminating space. We want to offer a neutral environment where divergent or convergent social categories can confront each other and share ideas, where the relationships between different generations can be redefined, with the purpose of developing the city and its culture. Carol 53 is a pilot programme which can serve as a model of pragmatic approach for ginger groups and for abandoned or degraded spaces whose potential is ignored or lost during bureaucratic processes which result in their total destruction. The method is the contractual statement of the space and the situations which define it.

Ash Memory


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 30.10.2021

Ash memory is an immersive installation where you will enter a dramatic world, populated with cremated objects and you will contemplate the inherent beauty of these metamorphosis. This itinerary talks about the vulnerability of matter facing time or exterior forces, placing object memory out of the control of its creator. The exhibition tells a story about objects’ memory which stores memory, having its own memory, independence, destiny. Delacroix stated that every restauration of an art work is a harmful intervention compare to the effect time could have had upon that object. We let things be and they will tell their story. For the present project, there was a cross point which guided the artistic research. A sudden fire, from unknown circumstances, devastated my artist studio on august the 15-th this year, when I was on my family holiday. It was like an exercise where time was accelerated and I was forced to reconsider the destiny or purpose of my artist work. It was a shock: I lost work I gathered a long period of time, most of the work unexposed (ten years of research when I chose to stay away from public view), plus my creation laboratory (tools, materials, devices, books, a familiar place, a necessary time-space oasis - a sacred creation place). This exhibition is a metaphor for transcending immediate understanding, which could appear painful or dramatic at first site, towards a new superior level of understanding, a forced cleaning, a brutal restart, a strange kind of freedom. Everyone can identify oneself in this exposure of vulnerability that reveals new expressive approaches or new possible functions. The way along the exhibition will be accompanied by a video-projection filmed in the damaged studio. It is a ritualic interaction which presents the process of acceptance, embracing the reality with all it brings towards you, an attempt of distilling experiences and extracting a conscient state where beauty or understanding overcomes quotidian normality. Along image, sound will guide the rhythm, the vibration of the space. I also emphasized in past projects the initiatic interaction that public should have when experiencing art, that openness towards transforming and revelatory states which is different for each individual, helping us find answers to complex questions, to continue where we are suck, to liberate. Exposing sensible spots is important and others can resonate and be part of the experience proposed by the artist, getting emotional connection. Emotional understanding overcomes the intellectual one, or at least they work together. A second video will present a time-lapse with studio images and works made in that space the past ten years – a kind of revisiting one’s existence before the passage. Not least I am interested to take position against people’s immediate reaction related to this kind of events. I suddenly woke up in a nightmare and I cannot even go through my mourning which is necessary to overcome this trauma. Everything in coldly synthetized like a news material. The emotional side is ignored and all the attention is centered towards finding guilt or material damage resolution. “An artist’s studio in Bucharest burned entirely today. The fire was fed by flammable materials present on site.” The incident of the fire in my studio is presented like “a case” which has to be solved, even if, for me the most important things related to this destruction are irreplaceable, the only solution for me being placed inside, as understanding, acceptance, integration. The only way I could cross this painful experience was the profound interrogation of meaning, bringing it, consciously, towards a serene path. Anca Coller