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Strada Lunei nr. 7

Crossroads Gallery is an alternative space for exhibiting and promoting art in a tattoo salon.



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Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 05.11.2021
IT COMES AT NIGHT Exhibition open NAG 15 oct. 15.00 - 22.00 Live tattoo performance ,16 oct. 12.00 - 22.00 17 oct., 12.00 - 22.00 Vizit 15. 10 - 5. 11. 2021 Host: Crossroad Tattoo, Str. Lunei no.7, Bucharest Artists: Alex Petcu, ATOMA, Bogdan Cazacincu, Cristian Scutaru, Delia Cîrstea, Dorin Cucicov(RO) & Lori Hepner(USA) & Grigoriy Sergeev(RU), Gabriela Cristea, Maria Zincă, Mimi Plesoianu, Misha Diaconu, Nadine Kseibi, Radu Panait, Roper, Roxana Scutaru. Text curatorial: Bîrlădeanu Rafaela and Brătoiu Antonio. Organizing: ATOMA Beginning with the question “What keeps you up when night falls?” we organized the exposition presented here, which brings a series of different visual answers, each very colorful but at the same time full of mystery. What in broad daylight may seem too exposed to the world, finds shelter in the shadows of the night, playing unbothered with our imagination. Thus a contrast is created between day and night, the hidden aspects in the shadows and the ones displayed under sunlight, while the works of art are situated just in between. The artists presented here created works that are varied in their themes and subjects, through different artistic mediums, but they belong under the same umbrella of feelings that conquer us when darkness falls. Because of the complexity of colors, mediums and subjects, you can feel your sensations and feelings evolving while watching the artworks. The most important character, that houses the rest of the people eaten up by all the thoughts from the previous day, is the city itself, a true leviathan. It gives the perfect background and environment for the artistic process, preparing the souls to evolve from the innocence of childhood to more to more complex feeling such as intimacy, melancholy, fantasies, fetishes, the longing for a stable life and even illusions, alienation trough technology and monsters that creep into our dreams. This growth is explored with the help of the variety of works of art. The perfect moment for exploring this twilight zone, not so easy accessible, where reality entangles with the dream world is occasioned by the White Night of Art Galleries, when in the vulnerable hours of the night, we can be in direct contact with the sincere artistic expression of people that surround us. All these elements come together to highlight the atmosphere of the night, not as a time of quietness and silence, but as a different dimension, as tumultuous as the day.