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MECENA.ART – Not your usual gallery is an omnichannel platform that aims to change the perception on art exhibitions as we know them through a new approach using immersive effects for every event. Our main principle starts from a basic communication rule that was changed in order to fit the artistic and creative environment, and the final goal is to place the accent on the viewer and what he experiences during the art exhibition and what remains with him after. The result is using the black box as the space for the exhibition and having as starting point the artworks, our creative team extends the atmosphere of works and the philosophy of the artists into the give space through light, sound, scenography and special effects.

Before Midnight


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
23.09.2021 - 17.10.2021

The moment your day ends, how much do you look back? Before Midnight every single thought, action and fact comes back to you. Each step of yours communicates metaphysically with each step of the other, of the ones near you. We may not realize it, but all of us are a mirror of the city we live in. We influence every decision, every corner, every thought and at the end of the day, even our smallest actions become our surroundings. Even if our contact with the community is limited, we decide a common future. The immersive exhibitions Before Midnight follows the works of Trick Patrick as an echo to the way society moves forward. In every color, every shape and every brushstroke there is a hidden thought or action that we have done during the day that will impact our world tomorrow. The challenge is to see as one – united by our environment, we can create change. Immersed into a world of art, light, sound, scenography and smell, this message breaks through and keeps us in a constant connection with the community, without even interacting.