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The Other and Myself


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 17.10.2021
A self-portrait / portrait of the existential scene. Self-knowledge, self-criticism, denial, exclusion, acceptance, fear, courage, only through the Other I do come to discover the face of my own authenticity. The concept investigates the inexhaustible content of the complexity of the human being, juxtaposing paths, thematic concerns, distinct environments, everything that the self has accumulated as a personal experience with collective aspirations and anxieties. Initiated as a manifesto in 2018, it becomes a motto and a reflection project generating in 2019 The OTHER Group, constituted by artists: Sever Petrovici-Popescu, Nora Stîngu, Ana Petrovici-Popescu, Nada Stîngu, four different perspectives that address the relationship with the Other through appeal to humanity, memory, faith and intimacy. Introspective and interrogative, the OTHER expresses a consciousness that provokes comfort and the ordinary in the solitary and selfish context of self-sufficiency, balances and arranges insecure feelings, deepens the meaning of existence and gives courage through identification. Far from being a novelty meant to shock by the presumption of being something other than it is, the main feature of the concept involves accepting what we each one are, a confession of our own impotences and vulnerabilities in order to create a true self-image. By the Other we mean the unique relationship we have with the inner or outer reality. Whether we are talking about an affective vocabulary, simple attitudes and gestures, or we are referring to a concrete situation, context or group of people, what the self rejects or accepts is the essential factor that shapes, gives substance, coordinates our being.