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After 8 years of continuous activity as a collaborative production space, ARTHUB Bucharest team opens the second location in Bucharest on Gen. Budișteanu 10 where the art gallery, the space for independent theater, the garden and a contemporary art store will operate - for now only during the NAG, to complete the laboratory activity (less visible). The art studios remain open in Vasile Lascăr.

ENCHANTED - Spells For Coming Out Of Invisibility


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
14.12.2021 - 23.01.2022
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Enchanted - Spells For Coming Out Of Invisibility

14.12.2021 - 23.01.2022
ARTHUB Bucharest (Gen. Budișteanu 10)

Public Opening: Tuesday, 14th of December 2021, 17:00 - 21:00 h

Artistx: Mihaela Drăgan (RO), Eugen Raportoru (RO), Alfred Ullrich (GER), George Mihai Vasilescu (RO)

Curators: Ionela Pădure, Nona Șerbănescu

Media: installation, video, painting, graphics, object

From a neuroscientific point of view, we humans build and reconstruct what we see and this has to do with our previous experiences. Anil Seth, professor of neuroscience, claims that we have ten times more neurons specialized in projection than in perception. In other words, it is easier for us to project an image already constructed on something or someone, than to perceive it, to see it “first hand”.
The current exhibition proposes the discovery of some Roma cultural elements as they are directly filtered by four Roma “voices”, four strong and complex speeches. We allow ourselves to emphasize the “discovery of Roma cultural elements” as authentic elements and not their (in) validation, through the prism of stereotypical representation about this ethnicity, representation built from an external, majority perspective in literature, music, painting, theater and the list can continue. (...)
Ionela Pădure

Enchanted - Spells For Coming Out Of Invisibility actually proposes a dis-enchantment, in the sense of leaving the stereotypical area regarding various majority understandings on Roma artistic phenomena. The curatorial approach focuses less on innovation but rather on re-visiting the work of artists who manage to outline particularly clear and impactful personalities in a society that is too unfriendly.
Belonging to different artistic generations, what unites the four is pioneering the assumption of belonging to the Roma ethnic group and subsuming prolific and valuable works to a cultural corollary currently in a re-configuration and re-understanding at the societal level. To the extent that their existence in the local cultural landscape and not only, see the case of Ullrich, practically outlines the premises of a new perception and a new self-image, the example of the four paves the way for dozens of artists who want to assume their membership / or to ally with the Roma cause.

Nona Șerbănescu