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YET ANOTHER CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY An edgy library of exciting art, not necessarily useful objects, expansive thinking, and not necessarily prominent experiences. We aim to create a psychologically enhancing environment for artistic acts and the manifestation of virtu. Our mission intends to become anything but yet another art gallery space. In times when the present least favours the past, we stopped looking back for symptoms stating the future. Thus, we can’t be very precise, nor too profound, but genially curating plausible experiences, both material and immaterial, generated by emerging and established content creators of today. This content should serve as an almost indispensable reference for anyone listing to fetch a relevant overview of the most edgy strokes in South Eastern contemporary art. And thank you for asking. It was fun.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
20.09.2021 - 31.12.2021

"October 2018, I am standing in the garden of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, in Venice, Peggy Guggenheim’s home turned museum, staring at Jenny Holzer’s 2001 Garden Bench. A unit long white stone bench, with a poem engraved on its surface. I freeze as I read these words, by today, I don’t yet know why: “I don’t want I won’t ask you I can’t tell you I lie I am crying hard There was blood No one told me No one knew My mother knows I forget your name” 3 years later, these particular words still trundle inside my mind. "MY MOTHER KNOWS" Louis Bourgeois said, “Art is the experience, the re-experience of trauma.” She also said, “All my work, all the subjects, find their origin in my childhood.” Couple of months ago, I wrote this instructions-poem, inspired by Yoko Ono’s “Grapefruit”, which became the body of a call for art email: “HEAL YOUR PERSONAL STORIES (this is an open letter to Mother) Sit down at the table Take a piece of paper and a pen Write down: 'Dear Mother...' Do not leave the table Until you have said it all. Next day, after breakfast Start working on a piece of art." And this is how an exhibition was born. Wholy Mother is an open letter to Mother, thus to Yourself. "

 Medina Pop


FEATURED ARTISTS: Adela Giurgiu, Alina Negoiță, Am Dumitru, Anastasia Dumitrescu, Anca Barjovanu, Beatrice Duman, Diana Matilda Crișan, Dora Mois, Floriama Cândea, Ioana Casapu, Ioana Sisea, Lorena Cocioni, Louis Kareem Jamal, Marta Mattioli, Raluca Milescu, Raluca Ungureanu, Reka Csapo Dup, Roxana Ajder, Sabina Suru