Calea Plevnei 137C etaj 2

/SAC @ MALMAISON serves as a context-space of co-productions, research and collaborative and transdisciplinary practices in the visual, performing and scenic arts. / SAC @ MALMAISON is the second /SAC space in Bucharest, the first being opened in 2018, on 5 Berthelot street. /SAC @ MALMAISON is located in a context-community - the Malmaison Studios (an artistic community that includes studios, project spaces and galleries) - recently founded in the Malmaison building. Located on Calea Plevnei, 137C, it that has a history of almost two centuries. /SAC - is an independent private initiative, a resource-context, dedicated to the current needs of both the producer and the public, in order to establish a direct and formative dialogue through exhibitions, research and exposure.

Dumitru Gorzo | Continuous Studio - the EXHIBITION


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
10.10.2021 - 23.10.2021

Gorzo relocates his studio at /SAC @ MALMAISON, starting Tuesday, September 28, until Saturday, October 9, 15:00-20:00. The artist is opening his transferred studio to all comers, in a close engagement/dialog between the presence of the invisible objects of production, and the creative attitude that sets things going. „Continuous Studio is not a performance, nor has anything to do with acknowledging an exemplary action. It’s what I’m doing most of the time, working with the tools of visual arts and trying to do the best out of this/that certain situation.“ - Dumitru Gorzo Exhibition: October 10 - October 23 Tuesday to Saturday, 15:00-20:00 The final works will function as sediments, an end-result of Gorzo working within the space, challenging both the nature of production and perception.