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Str. Mătăsari

Memories from Another Life

07:00 - 04:00
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Vernisaj la NAG
Perioada expozitie:
08/27/2016 - 08/27/2016

Memories from Another Life. Solo Show. Light design: Zwart & Roxana Mitarca Studio Alexandra Baciu suggests a different discourse on the relationship between man and woman, one that does not involve a supposed gender superiority, but entails a return to the archetypes, to the primordial. The project “Memories from another life” becomes an insight not only into the feminine universe, but also in Alexandra Baciu’s. Wu Di- Asian Odalisk, Innuendo, Lakota - Dreamcatcher, Without Adam, When it snows no more, Self portrait with a red earring, are works that construct and are constructed by the variables of femininity: innocence, bashfulness, curiosity, defiance, aspects of the soul and of womanhood. Home Matasari, an alternative space well defined due to the urban festival “Women on Matasari”, becomes the home of an exhibition that explores the feminine universe, continuing the tradition of a symbolic challenge of the 19th century meaning of Matasari Street. Roxana Coman, Curator ____________________ Memories from another life is a project that needed a long time to take shape and it takes its essence from a colective memory of several generations of women, some of them real, some of them crossing the border of surreal, that came to me from a time when fact was fiction and fiction was cultural identity, being fully able to change people's destinies. Alexandra Baciu ______________ Home Matasari is a project that started in 2009. Since then it’s mission was to create a syncretic space, fertile for arts, by stimulating and encouraging educational and creative initiatives. Being a host for students with talent and skill, the space is a dialog workshop and it becomes an opinion maker for bold interventions as well as systematical ones within the Bucharest cultural and urban space. Home Matasari is not only a space, it is work in progress, it is eclectic happening, it is performance.