str. Anton Pann nr. 16

Rubik is a platform for identifying, connecting and consolidating independent artistic initiatives deeply affected by the aggressive growth of the real estate market in Cluj-Napoca. Configured by the instinct to signal an alarming current that affects an artistic scene that was until recently effervescent and to support remarkable but fragile local initiatives, Rubik is formulated as a host space meant to represent multiple identities, like the color palettes of a Rubik’s cube, as metaphorical root of the project.

Where the Spirit Meets the Bone


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.09.2021 - 29.10.2021
As the current global situation caused by the Corona virus can’t be ignored, we take a step back to clear our minds of sorrow and anxiety. Our individual lives have been affected, in different and hard to understand ways. Despite these difficulties, visual artists went on with producing works of art, either out of the need to concentrate their energy in an artistic way or out of a desire to escape this new overwhelming environment that has taken over all channels of information dissemination, making it harder to maintain a positive attitude. As human connection was/still is limited to virtual meetings, many of us started to engage more and more with our surroundings, developing an increased interest for nature, the loved ones and the furry companions around us; elements from our immediate proximity that didn't seem to have so much to offer until 2020. With social interactions paused, other types of interactions started to develop. The exhibition proposes glimpses of such interactions: from inventories of the plants around the house, sketches or studies of loved ones, manifestations of loneliness by imagining fictional characters in the privacy of the apartment, to considerations on those few actors still active in the public domain (police officers, construction workers, etc.).