Fosta toaleta publica din Piata Petofi
Tirgu-Mures Piata Petofi nr.5

Perspectiva e și una de “împrietenire", deturnare de așteptări, pe care le-ai putea avea atunci când cobori însubteranul, fostW.C.public. O încercare de reformulare a spaţiului care ar putea da un plus de culoare locală, alături de alte inițiative de tip “independent”.

Other plans are outlined in the dark hallway


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 31.10.2021
Work in progress / Dynamics, for now ..... fragile Space run artist, in this case. Petofi Square, the former public w.c./space An attempt to reconfigure an unusual space, with many corridors, niches, small rooms, where the visitor also finds a kind of privacy .Of course!!! If not here, then ... where? Questioning the reality and fictional potential of space in an attempt to find something sustainable for future projects… A performance-type perspective, which will run for a longer period of time, constantly working with the space / not easily tameable. The space is the pretext as well as the content of the exhibitional approach. Painting, installation, photography, ready-made object, collages, video, etc. are possible media through which I aim to highlight the potential of the place. The perspective is also one of "befriending", a diversion of expectations, you could have when you go to the underground,down to the former WC. An attempt to reformulate the space that could give an additional local color, along with other “independent” initiatives.