Galateea Contemporary Art
Calea Victoriei 132

Galateea Contemporary Art gallery's broad scope is promoting Romanian contemporary ceramics in an international context, by encouraging partnership and collaboration with similar galleries and international art centers. Its exhibition program is currently coordinated by a group of enthusiastic group of local ceramists that initially had the initiative of setting up a dedicated exhibition space. A recognition of established artists, promoting younger talents and paying homage to masters. An ideal place for challenging encounters in a vivid international context debating the new role of ceramics and its relationship with the visual art in general. An instrument for educating the public at large in order to make this fascinating art of the fire better perceived and understood.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
03.10.2020 - 02.11.2020
We are surrounded by blue. Symbolically blue is the color of trust and loyalty, optimism and calm, it is associated also to spirituality and contemplation. So this color is in fact surrounding us in our everyday life without even noticing concretely its presence. Ceramics is the art field where blue is used like an essential color since the very early stages of this ancient form of art. Cobalt oxide is a very special instrument for a ceramic artist, it is a powerful source for the various nuances of blue used in this art field. For ceramic artists this is almost a guiding color, it is like black for drawing. So we would like to present in a concentrated exhibition a few of the ways this color reveals its beauty and power.