Nadina Pascariu Gallery
Strada Braziliei 1-3

Nadina Pascariu Gallery is a space devoted to contemporary art, rather classical regarding the conception but formally enriched by all the modernity renewals with the full freedom of expression. The artists it represents are in this respect some kind of traditionalists for whom the artificialization of life in the frame of the information society is only another opportunity to restore to the senses and the intellect the connection with the original source through a creation corresponding to their own soul structure. It would like to address a wider audience but one of the conditions that gave it birth is precisely the finding that the productions it promotes only have access to a restricted audience and it assumes this challenge by focusing on quality and not on quantity, something that is generally specific to Art. As a physical place, it starts in a small apartment in a central area of Bucharest, which at one point became a painting studio and then it was transformed into a space for