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E T A J is an artist-run space, a catalyst for the efficiency of the contemporary artistic object in the local context. Several artists have grouped themselves into the idea of ​​forming a cultural cell. In their approach, but also in the relationship between them, there is no conventional pattern. Whether it is a group exhibition, personal exhibition or other events initiated here, the principles of artistic practice and a sense of authenticity are those that guide the collective actions started at ETAJ.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
19.09.2020 - 19.09.2020
Motto: "That the soul is fountain in the chest, [...] What lies in the fountain-soul. [...] That the soul is not a fountain Except for man, the oldest beast, " Riga Krypto and Lapone (eng "Sami") Enigel by Ion Barbu R says: phallum aeternum. me: Too misogynistic! E says: "falus universalis"! me: Even more misogynistic! Hazard: Phallus impudicus !!! (The botanist's curse) R says: phallum aeternum. me: Too misogynistic! E says: "falus universalis"! me: Even more misogynistic! Hazard: Phallus impudicus !!! The botanist's curse This is a discussion I had with my friends E and R when, in the end, they helped me to find a name for this exhibition. The title had to be suggestive but not extremely so, not too explicit nor very poetic, not too hermetic but not too metaphorical either. Phallus Impudicus (or the D **k Exhibition) is # 2 in the series of erotica, a serie launched in July 2020. The first exhibition dedicated to art produced by women Pudendum femininum took place at ALERT studio and was exclusively the core's manifestation of the Romanian female artist's collective - Locomotives. If in the first show the vulva was the center of feminist artists' concerns, this time the exploration was directed towards the area of masculinity, virility, that is (almost) the other half of humankind. Because one of the artists - C - expressed his desire to exhibit in our female artists show, at instant I decided to propose this theme to some male artists that I’ve known or whose creation I’ve followed. It's a proposal, a mirror reflection, a creative "battle" with no purpose other than that of sitting together at the round table of contemporary art. The assembly, this joining, is an eclectic one, the association between female and male artists is to creation related only, something like "let's see if the art of women is radically different from that of men!" There is no group ideology, stylistic approach, or distance based on age or other concerns. But is the criterion of women versus men in art operative? Does this add to the feminist approach, given that in museums, galleries, alternative spaces, permanent or temporary exhibitions, men still represent 87% of the total number of exhibitions*? (Re) analyzing their own erotica, sexuality and/or its non-fulfillment, femininity, virility, their own feelings, the fifteen female and thirteen male artists explore the archetype, the eternal theme of the Psyche / erot (i) c through an allegorical vision. Phallus impudicus, the association with the famous mushroom at the top of the hill is more than obvious, the approach to the theme is playfully anthropological, the allegory is round, the sexual trans-symbolism is very suggestive, the spores increase in the sun and the smell becomes fetid, as of a decaying corpse, the egg grows up to five millimeters per minute, the fungus lives a day, like Riga Crypto from Ion Barbu's famous ballad. The potion is dedicated to love. Misogynistic, sexist, feminist, classist, ageist, menopause, andropause, botany, anatomy ... INCLUSION! Sponge and pucios (Phallus impudicus, bozuz (????), dead men's cock). Joining is intentional, the comparative features of the being with a thing (a plant) have suggestive power, the proper meaning of the word changes to give more force to the image, the metaphor is revealing, the meanings plasticize, the suggestion remains intact. Phallus impudicus is an ALERT studio exhibition with the collaboration "in the mirror" of the Artist-run space on the Floor curated and cared for by Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu. Locomotive sorority artists participate in the exhibition: Ana Chiorean, Anca Boeriu, Beatrice Anghelache, Cristina Iacob, Lumi Mihai, Magdalena Pelmuș, Mirela Trăistaru, Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu, the guests: Daniela Vîrlan, Diana Matilda Crișan, Dorina Stănescu (Roanatelier), Lorena Garoiu, Maria Pop Timaru, Roberta Curcă and the artists: Adrian Bîndiu, Cozo, Dumitru Gurjii, Liviu Bulea, Marius Tănăsescu, Mihai Zgondoiu, Mircea Florian, Mircea Modreanu, Alexandru, Beaver, Marian (Pastila Roz), Radu Carnariu, Pandele Pandele The emphasis is on drawing and art forms in connection with the contemporary drawing, video, performance, photography, text object installation, sound, facsimile dictionary pudendum femininum latin words = vulva, the external part of the female sexual organs. The word "vulva" comes from the Latin "volva", which means covering, protection. falus s.n. 1 (in antiquity.) Symbolic representation of the male member, worn at certain ceremonies and holidays. 2 Male member; penis (erect). ♦ (psychoanalytic.), male sexual organ, considered a symbol of male power and of the difference between the sexes. • pl. -hate. /