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Established in 2019, Estopia Art Gallery sets forth a fresh space of confluence between Romanian and international artists, a platform for continuous dialogue with the most recent contemporary artistic practices. With two spaces opened in Bucharest and Lugano, Switzerland, Estopia is a manifesto for the East as a creative artistic phenomenon and for concrete opportunities to access the international art market.

Foreseeing the Present


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
17.09.2020 - 18.10.2020
Estopia Art Gallery is delighted to invite you during NAG to visit the group exhibition Foreseeing the Present*, which showcases a thrilling selection of works completed in the last 6 months by 7 of the artists in the Estopia portfolio – Marina Aristotel, Andrada Feșnic, Juhos Sándor, Sergiu Laslo, Madár Réka, Andrea Tivadar and Edith Torony. The present time, a depository of concreteness, but also of our projections, dreams and fears, is the theme of this exhibition, which aims at exploring the impact of the recent period, one of isolation and uncertainty, on the way in which artists work, think and find solutions in times of crisis. May You Live in Interesting Times – the title of last year’s Venice Biennale, seems, when seen in the light of the period we are going through, almost a prophecy. In “interesting times”, the present expands itself and seems to swallow the other dimensions of time – “here and now is all that we have” is a thought that surrounds us with at least a bit of uneasiness. But how do we live in this present time? We have asked this question to the participating artists, and launched them the challenge to interpret, at a very personal and creative level, the actual “temporal bubble”. The result? Each artwork can be seen as an “oracle” – one that speaks about the artists’ preoccupations, at first hand, but also as a window open towards the experiences that we all recognize and which shapes, out of pieces, the so different forms of what we call “now”. For Marina Aristotel, the last months have brought a return to figurative – for her, the present triggered an irresistible impulse of “hunting” exotic spaces and shadows, as shown by her two exhibited works, Chasing Summer and Chasing Shadows. „This period should put our wheels in motion: nothing will be the same again, that is for sure”, Andrada Feșnic argues; one of her presented works, an enormous globe of light, seems, though, to embody a slight hope that the world could finally return to its balance… The Little Things. Fear of Losing (made during the Covid-19 isolation) is the metaphor of a „cubic cabinet of miniature curiosities”, a sort of Noah’s Arch, by means of which Juhos Sándor aims at saving the “truly important things”. How does a personal apocalypse look like is something that Madár Réka intends to show us in this exhibition, in a seducing remake of an abstract and allegorical dystopia. For Sergiu Laslo, instead, covering the face and hiding one’s look continues to be a powerful visual metaphor of escaping reality, as shown in one of his works, Stealing my mind, gently. Convinced that what we are facing now offers us the fascinating “opportunity of suspending time”, Andrea Tivadar conceives her new series of works, Blurred Abstraction, under the sign of the uncertainty and the unknown, like in her two presented works, Uncertain place and Unknown space. A transparent wire mesh filters the gaze of whoever would like to enter the Forbidden Place that Edith Torony creates in the work bearing this title – the artist keeps on exploring the urban periphery and the consequences of a chaotic consumerism, succeeding ultimately in pulling out of all these fragments, exiled at the margins of our world, the remains of a future that might look exactly as in her work, Synthetic Future. Foreseeing the Present September 17th – October 18th, 2020 Participating artists: Marina Aristotel, Andrada Feșnic, Juhos Sándor, Sergiu Laslo, Madár Réka, Andrea Tivadar, Edith Torony Curator: Irina Ungureanu Estopia Art Gallery, 5 Bocsa Street, Bucharest E-mail: office@estopiaartgallery.com www.estopiaartgallery.com Open during NAG between 2 - 4 October, from 6.00 PM to 12.00 AM