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Donºt bite your tongue


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Perioada Expozitie
30.09.2020 - 04.10.2020
“Don’t Bite Your Tongue” investigates the perceptions around sexuality through collecting personal stories, creating contexts of auto-reflection and questioning the filters that we have and those we don’t during the discovery of our sexual and gender identities. Where do we learn from about sex? How do we gaze at and listen to our body? How do we act and react to our sexual desires? How do we communicate them to our partners? What kind of language do we use in communicating them? What are the stories about sex that attract us and why? How do we shape our bodies and identities in relation to what we are told by others? These are questions which we are asking ourselves, but we also want to ask you. They are questions to which we aim to find the most diverse answers. They are questions which help us to get to know ourselves better and to become more conscious of the similarities and differences between our intimate experiences and emotions.