Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden
Strada Republicii 42

Established in 1920 and officially opened for the public in 1925, Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden is a scientific, didactic and educational institution whose foundations were set in the present location by Alexandru Borza, prominent figure in the field of Biology in Romania.

OPEN ACCESS Showcase – Experimenting with performing arts and transmedia creation


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 11.10.2020

Technological and digital changes are profoundly changing our daily lives and the use we make of them. Both artists and institutions are affected in their working methods and the processes of creating and producing works. These issues, re-balanced in the context of the current health crisis, change the connection with the public. Colectiv A is proposing to the Cluj audience to be part of this reflection by actively participating in the presentation of the European project Open Access - Experimenting with performing arts and transmedia creation. Having a collective and collaborative logic, creating a new shared story, interdisciplinarity and participation of the audience is embedded in the matrix of the project that has as a result the creation of eight artistic prototypes. The Cluj showcase takes the hybrid format of these pandemic times and provoque the international artists to work remotely from their countries but in the company of local guides or to mediate their live presence through live streaming or video installations. It will be a matter of sharing a privileged time with the public, during which each artist will propose a contribution, an experience, a moment of sharing and of immersion in his project. The prototypes sometimes occur in the form of a game, a more or less fictional narrative, a poetic sensory encounter, and various other forms. The feedback from the public will be included in the creation process, so, each spectator will be associated, if desired, with the creation.